With less and less free time to think about oneself, even the maintenance or recovery of facial beauty becomes something to be taken care of in the spare time quickly, without hospitalization and convalescence

Can suspension wires replace a surgical facelift?

A suitable alternative to a surgical facelift today is represented by so-called “absorbable “suspension threads”: introduced under the skin they correct the sagging and revitalize tissue. This is a medical device consisting of substances that stimulate the proliferation of collagen.

With their application, what is the real effect?

The application of such fine threads creates a rejuvenating and recompacting of the face, involving the mandibular profile, area zygomatic and periorbital areas, the under chin area, but can be extended also to the arms, inner thighs and buttocks.

Where can one go for wire applications?

The session takes place in the outpatient clinic and can be safely placed in the “lunch break.

How is the application performed

Local anesthesia is sufficient, after which, once the areas are demarcated affected, the device is inserted using special needles, without the patient experiencing any pain. The following day may appear edema and modest hematomas that disappear in a very short time and the only caveat is to avoid saunas and solariums for a few days.

After how long do the wires reabsorb?

The wires completely reabsorb within six months, but the stimulation induced in the tissue is able to ensure new and permanent fibroblasts and collagen new and permanent ones. In this way, the tensor effect is prolonged for up to two years.

Can we consider this a minimally invasive facelift technique?

Certainly, it is basically a minimally invasive “soft facelift” with a natural and prolonged end result even after the thread reabsorption, thanks to its regenerative capabilities absent in scalpel surgery, on the other hand, which merely removes excess skin. The use of the wire leaves no scars, not even on the body and, compared to the traditional facelift, is also more economical…

It is a treatment that guarantees what results?

Excellent results but it is fair to point out, however, that with the surgical facelift the traction lingers longer and is total, so the decision will have to be made based on the patient’s expectations, but also on their biological age, which does not always correspond to the age. In fact, if the subsidence on which you want to intervene is very pronounced, with the “soft facelift” you may not achieve the desired goal. Having said that and returning to the premise initial premise, given the fast pace required by modern life, “suspension wires” absorbable are still the most preferred option.

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